The Call of Water


Week of August 10 008I’ve just begun Moby Dick (which I’m quite excited to read, by the way, and very pleased with the beginning chapters).  It stirred my thoughts and feelings in a new way. I’d never thought about the fact that so many people immensely enjoy just standing and watching water, whether it is a stream, lake, mud puddle, ocean, or pond. I’ve always loved my grandparent’s house that is right on a wonderful lake. If you canoe only a short distance from their dock, there is a lovely place with lily pads, logs and stumps lodged in the river bottom,  turtles sunning themselves, and frogs hopping back into the water at first sight of you. Week of August 10 054 Some day I hope to live in a house that has a nearby brook surrounded by birches, oaks, maples and pines, where I can plant a little flower garden of violets and maybe a few other flowers, and where I can meet God beside the “still waters” and pray.

Until then, my family loves to visit Lake Superior, the waterfalls of Michigan, the Wisconsin River, the muddy Mississippi and I enjoy slogging through our little marsh out back, looking for unusual plants like Jewel-weed and Arrowhead.


I cherish my dream of having a beautiful shaded brook, but I don’t know if the dream will ever be fulfilled. And that’s okay. Perhaps -and it’s a big perhaps- in my Mansion Above, I shall have such a brook, running cheerfully through the middle courtyard of the mansion with flowers all around. If, of course, there are such lowly things in that glorious place!

I long to be God’s servant to the end of my days. I know I am eternally saved, but how I long to serve Him all my days, and not fall into sin. That is the only desire I long for and pray will come about. To be with the Living Water, that I may thirst no more!

Week of August 10 014


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