Is There Really a Choice? Part 2

Here is part two of this exciting bog series by my mom!

There are several more reasons that we would never choose anything but a home education. The public school system is no longer concerned about learning the basics. Their goal is to teach humanism and that it is okay to be whatever gender you feel like that day. There are no absolutes and God’s Word is wrong and intolerant.

Schools are unsafe. Policies are being implemented all over America that allows teenage boys in the girl’s locker room because a private locker room is not good enough for boys who can’t figure out that God created them male. They feel female and have desires for other boys so they must be allowed in with the girls. It is not politically correct to say this, but that is absolutely wrong. Girls are exploited and in danger of sexual assaults because of such foolishness.

Schools are teaching as early as Kindergarten that it is okay to have two fathers or two mothers. If the child doesn’t believe it, he is told he is wrong and made fun of. Children are taught year after year that it is okay to explore their sexuality at any age with any gender they want. I am still trying to figure out why anyone under the age of 10 even needs to consider anything about sex. Why do they even know what it is?

When the children come home and tell mommy and daddy what they learned and mommy and daddy believe what the Bible says, how do they teach their children that their teachers are wrong and still expect them to respect authority? It will continue year after year. If someone is told the same thing year after year, he begins to stop questioning it. It is called indoctrination. If you don’t believe me, you are blind. It is happening. I am not making this up.

The lie of evolution is another reason to home educate your children. Everyone knows that evolution will be taught year after year. I have seen firsthand a young Christian man doubt the Bible because he has been indoctrinated throughout his school years and into college. How are adults who believe they came from slime supposed to respect life? If you were not fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139) then why are you special?

Violence and bullying in schools is out of control. No one is safe in any size town or school against gun violence and especially against bullying. Period.

There is still more to come, don’t worry!


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