Is There Really a Choice? Part 3

Here is the second to last post in a wonderful series by my author-mom. Enjoy!

Before I close I need to include just a few other reasons to home educate your children. First, it is a real education. You decide what they should learn. Is your daughter interested in herbs? Let her learn about them. She wouldn’t have that choice in school. Does your son want to tear everything apart and see if he can put it back together again and get it to work? Let him take the afternoons for an indefinite period to learn how to do it. Between the library and the internet you can learn almost anything you want at home.

The second thing to consider is sleep needs. Are public school kids sleep deprived? Most of them are unless you sacrifice time with the family to allow your kids to go to bed really early. Do sleep requirements not allow for family devotions? If you home educate your children you can adjust sleep schedules to allow for enough hours for both sleep and daddy time.

The third reason is flexibility. One of our favorite things to do is to go camping in September. The campground is practically empty except for other home schoolers. Flexibility is a great advantage with home education. If grandma gets sick you can pack up the kids and go visit, even if it is not the weekend.

Family relationships are the fourth reason for home education. The closeness of home educated children is unbeatable. They are forced to be together for hours every day. They have no choice but to be close. All of our children are close to each other. Our son would not even know his sisters if it weren’t for home education. I was the youngest by six years and I am not close to my sister and brothers because they were at school and followed a totally different schedule than I did. I am glad that my children are close relationally even though they are not close in age. I am not saying it is easy as a parent to have your kids around all day long every day of the year. However, the effort is so rewarding and God blesses the home schooling parent who leans on Him each and every moment of the day. There is also nothing like hearing your child read alone for the first time and the satisfaction of knowing that you were the one who taught him that skill.

There are many excuses for Christian parents not to home educate their children. There is really only one way to get through it: God’s grace. No matter your situation God is big enough to help you overcome the obstacles. If you choose the home education path you will learn humility, the need for prayer, and that you serve an awesome God. He will stretch you but He will be with you all the way. He will grant you the wisdom you need to accomplish His plan for your family.

Be back for the next reasons and the wrap-up of this exciting blog series!


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