Tithe our money… and time?

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Eight years ago, I made a new year’s resolution. I was 11 years old, and I had believed in Jesus two years before. I decided it was high time I began to read the Bible every single day to see what the Lord had to say to those who follow Him. So I did, and I have never looked back with regret on that decision. I am so blessed by God’s prompting on my young heart.

On Tuesday I listened to the radio program of Revive Our Hearts. Nancy’s guest was her brother Mark Demoss. I have heard him before, and even have one of his books. He is so practical and biblical, which I appreciate.

His subject was having wisdom for daily life. He talked about setting priorities, like putting God first by setting aside the first part of your day to spend time with Him. But then he also said that we tithe our first day of the week: the Lord’s day, and the Bible talks about tithing our  first fruits, which most people say is our money. Nowadays, it is, because not all of us are farmers, so we don’t have a crop to give to God. However, I have heard of some in our farming community giving a tenth of their produce to the church family, and I think that is wonderful.

This all got me to thinking; are we to tithe our time? What really got me thinking about it was when Mom mentioned the subject and said she was wondering about it as well. I figured out that since I am awake for 15 hours every day, a tenth of that is 90 minutes. Those 90 minutes could be spent reading God’s Word, praying, studying a book that explains the Bible, praising the Lord in word and deed, or serving God in some capacity.

Now I know many people struggle to find a spare ten minutes to read the Bible. And I’m not saying that you must give a tenth of your time to God or else! Certainly not! I am just saying that if we are serious with God about how grateful we are for His salvation of our souls and His guidance of our lives, should we not desire to spend as much time with Him as we can?

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I am blessed by my situation right now. I am single, I am not in school, and I do not have a paying job. I am also “forced” to study the Bible to prepare for the Good News Club lessons I help teach. I love that I have the time and capability to do all this. I have begun reading two chapters of the Old Testament, 2 chapters of the New Testament, one Psalm and one Proverb every day, which is great, because it gives a bunch of variety! (And yes, I know it’s a little early to begin a new year’s resolution. Oh, well!)

So all that to say, I would love to see every believer begin to spend at least a portion of each day in the Word and in prayer. Just think how many wonderful changes the Lord will grant in your attitudes, mind, and heart! I have been so blessed by eight full years of daily reading God’s Letter to us – the Bible. You will be blessed, too. Let’s join our hearts in a commitment to God!

I would love to hear about what your new year’s resolutions are, especially as they pertain to this issue of Bible reading and being dedicated to God. May God bless you, every one!


One thought on “Tithe our money… and time?

  1. Trena December 31, 2016 / 9:30 pm

    I’m so glad you’re committing to so much time with the Lord! I wish I had solidified this concept when I was young. However, it is never too late to start! I have been feeling convicted for some time now to spend the first part of my day in Bible study and prayer. I’m not good at getting out of bed before my kids start waking up, but I’m working on it! Praise God, he is patient when we are weak!


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