Me and my dog.
Me and my dog.

Hi there!

My name is Naomi. Let me introduce myself to you.

First and foremost I’m an ambassador for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I would be the first to admit I don’t (and never can) do enough for Him, but this is one way I hope to do just that.  I strive to encourage you to live for your Savior through careful study of His Word, and to be encouraged that there are others out there who trust in the Bible as their Guidebook for all of life. I also look forward to causing quite a few laughs, as I always enjoy the company of happy people! I enjoy being cheerful myself, and I’ve been known to speak in a Scottish brogue to cheer others up.  Smiles so compliment anyone’s face, don’t you think?

I have many things I like to do, including study the Bible, draw, paint, knit, play piano and penny whistle and singing for church, caring for a variety of animals on our small farm, and storytelling to my family for laughs!

I love to learn about Bible manners and customs, language, art (mostly realistic, please), natural health, the history and theology of music, and caring for chickens and turkeys. I absolutely love learning as much as I can about history, as it helps us to understand better what goes on in the world today. One of my favorite eras is World War Two.

But enough is said in this section. So on with the blog!


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