Gratitude… Anti Anxiety!


I found this when I looked for pictures and I just love it because it is SO true! When we focus on Who God is and all He has done for us and all His people through Jesus, we just can’t help being thankful! I once heard of a lady who said she has never been depressed because whenever she is feeling down or “blue” she starts quoting Psalm 103 to herself. Such a wonderful habit!

But now for the gratitude part of this post.

  • I am thankful for two mission trips I was able to be a part of. My life is truly changed because of the interaction and fellowship I was able to have in a different culture and to be mutually blessed with Christ as our focus.
  • I thank God for color; how dull would our world be without it!
  • I am grateful for the book Unveiled At Last that I just finished, which explains what God’s plan is from Genesis to Revelation. I am still digesting all the new (sort of?) information that is in it. He has such a way of pointing out obvious truths that you should know but often miss. I was inspired to live fully for God – He is SO worthy!
  • I am grateful for my brother’s birthday and all the fun we are able to have together. His excitement is so much fun!
  • I am thankful for my Bibles – so many don’t have even one, and I have several. I want so much for others to have them in their language and even though it is illegal in their country.

I would love to hear what you are thankful for!